AFZ Supply, Inc. was born from All Free Zone Supplies, S.A., founded in the 1991 as a services company in the Industrial Free Zone Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic. The latter has been dedicated since then to the distribution and supply of sewing machines, spare parts, needles, equipment and accessories for sewing, cut, press and finishing of textiles, as well as chemicals and packaging products. With the objective of offering a better quality product and service to our customers, whose satisfaction is our biggest worry, we decided to become a Special Free Zone, extending this way our facilities and warehouses and simplifying some operative processes in order to upgrade our quality and efficiency levels, under the new name of AFZ Supply. With over 20 years in the national and Caribbean market, AFZ Supply (All Free Zone Supplies) continues today trying to be, for our customers, more than a supplier, their ally.


Nuestra misión es distribuir y comercializar equipos y accesorios de costura, corte y prensa para la industria textil y otras relacionadas, esforzándonos por lograr sostenibilidad, brindar un servicio eficiente y confiable a nuestros clientes, y mantenernos siempre implementando las mejoras necesarias para lograr procesos cada vez más eficaces y resultados de mejor calidad.


Ser una empresa líder en el mercado nacional e internacional, proveedora de productos y servicios de la mayor calidad, confiabilidad y eficiencia posible para nuestros clientes, logrando convertirnos en, más que un proveedor, su aliado.